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You cannot consciously stop science in its creativity. It has the dynamics of unstoppable momentum. It has become a passion of a human being, who is a creature with a high forehead. 


prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, the first Rector of the University of Lodz


The Faculty of Geographical Sciences offers fields of studies organised in cooperation with employers and the socio-economic environment. Students regularly participate in field research conducted in Poland and abroad. Scientific research at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences is conducted both in the field of physical geography and socio-economic geography. One of the newest directions of scientific research developed at the Faculty is the Geographic Information System (GIS), useful in advanced analyses and spatial modelling. 

The Faculty authorities are: Dean – dr hab. Bogdan Włodarczyk, prof. of UL and Vice-Deans: 

  • dr hab. Elżbieta Kobojek, prof. of UL, 
  • dr hab. Marek Barwiński, prof. of UL, 
  • dr hab. Joanna Petera-Zganiacz, prof. of UL, 
  • dr hab. Sławoj Tanaś, prof. of UL. 

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Every year we adjust our offer of full-time studies, non-degree postgraduate courses and doctoral schools to the needs of the candidates. We cooperate closely with business, non-governmental organisations and scientific experts. We want the knowledge we provide to find use in the face of challenges that societies are currently facing. 



One should question everything one can question, for this is the only way one can discover the unquestionable. 


Prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, the first Rector of the University of Lodz